Why Being Fit Helps You Manage Chronic Diseases?

According to most of the health experts, doing exercise every day is one of the best reasons for having a healthy and happy life. It also helps in increased longevity. It not only lower the risk but also helpful in those conditions if you are already experiencing some symptoms of the chronic diseases.

Chronic Diseases

According to the research done in America, 10 out of 7 adults lost their life due to chronic diseases in the past decade. The research also suggested that most of the adults in America are suffering from one or the other chronic diseases from the last decade.

If you have any of the things like high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol then it’s clear that you are having symptoms of chronic diseases. The best and the most successful way to cope with these issues is to do exercise regularly. There are a lot of things which can be minimised by just a regular exercise and joining fitness programs.

Suppose you are doing some aerobic exercise regularly then there is least chance that you would ever have a high blood pressure. But if you already have any of these problems like high cholesterol levels then you can do some light exercise which will stop the problem from getting worse or stop it from becoming serious ones.

There are several training programs that you can enrol to. If you enrol for strength training, then it will reduce the risk of getting arthritis or joint problems as you age. This exercise builds strength and gives you healthy joints. Not only this but this can also help in reduction of glucose levels with you are having diabetes. Even if you have any joint problem then some simple flexible exercises will reduce your joints pain.

Why physical exercise is like a wonder drug?

According to Shawn Flanagan, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of sports medicine and nutrition, exercise has a lot of benefits as good sleep, improves mental strength, develops bone strength, muscle and other connective tissues. Moreover, it also gives you a stronger immune system so that your body remains untouched from many diseases.

Flanagan also said that a regular exercise habit can make your body so strong that even your wounds heal faster.

The best thing the exercise helps you with is the functionality of brain as everything depends upon its function only. During exercise several hormones gets released in the body that makes your neurons function better and improves the blood flow to the brain. Once the blood barrier tissues get out from your brain, it starts getting pure blood with helpful cells and molecules.

Some of the brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease happens only because of reduced amount of pure blood flow to the brain.

One of the most important reason of getting any chronic disease is obesity which has become common in US people nowadays. Regular exercise helps in reduction of chances of obesity and its ill effects.

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