Ways to Get Fit Without Fancy Equipment!

There are many of times when people say that they want to get fit but can’t afford a membership plan. But going to Gym of joining any fitness club are not the only places to get fit, there are many other indoor and outdoor activities.

Ways to Get Fit Without Fancy Equipment

You must know that losing weight or being fit does not require any new and modern equipment. However, there are many activities which can make you fit. Stick to the below plans which can help you out for being fit without Gym.


Outdoor activities can be a lot more fun. Everyone of us requires fresh air and natural environment. Taking up challenges in these places can be lot more fun than just being in a Gym and exercising. The natural and fresh air, the greenery that you get in a boot camp is very healthy for body. But always remember to go for a bootcamp with group of friends. It can be a great fun to work out when you are with your friends. You even feel motivated.

It is not a more considered which exercise you do with your friends but always do a 5 minutes of warm up before going for a push up or plank. The warm up session include walking or a medium pace running.

Workout DVD’s

To stop work out or not to do it, we make a lot of excuses like the unavailability of trainer, Gym machine and equipment etc. But these are just false excuses that should not be considered if you really want to do some exercise. You just have to grab some good workout DVD’s and take the reference from there. However, nowadays, you can also just switch to some YouTube workout channels and do aerobics, dancing, plank and many more.

I will suggest you to go with those exercises which do not require any equipment.

Circuit train

It is one of the best exercise to get your strength and cardio. This can be even done at home without any problem.

Start with some cardio moves like rope jumping, mountain climbing, high knees etc and then do some moves for strength too. The strength moves can be push ups, lunges and crunches. These can be easily done at home.

Do 5 sets of each and keep on increasing your momentum with every passing day.


Hiking has lot of importance and if you live in such an area where you can do hiking then you must go for it regularly. It is a great way to burn your calorie and enjoy beautiful surrounding. So, take a friend or your beloved with you, pack food and water and go for a hiking.

I would have to guarantee it then I would definitely tell you to go for it as the beautiful scenery and weather will make you feel a lot better than just working out on a treadmill. You would fall in love with hiking. The one thing that you have to do is to start it.

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