How Exercise Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s by Changing Your Brain

Today, you can find a lot of researches or study that are being made on the benefits of exercises to body as well as mind. It is even clear now by so many researches that a regular exercise habit can help mitigate the risk of many chronicle diseases that happens after a certain age. But the thing that is not clear till today is how exercise declines the risk of diseases related to mind like Alzheimer.

Findings By Ozioma Okonkwo

Ozioma Okonkwo, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, along with his colleagues made research for more than 10 years on a group of people who were in the higher risk of getting Alzheimer at a later stage. They studied on what biological changes that comes in a person’s body with exercise and how it benefits mind.


His findings showed that if a person’s body is aerobically fit then the person’s mind mitigates one of the greatest cause of Alzheimer. The breaking down of glucose by neurons doesn’t slow down. This result was presented by Okonkwo at the American Psychological Association.

Okonkwo worked on 1500 people who already had genes which put them into higher risk of getting Alzheimer. He also took those people into consideration whose any one of the family member had been diagnosed with the Alzheimer disease. From the 1500 people, he took out 23 people who were not physically very active. Eleven of them had to go through an aerobic fitness program for 6 months whereas the rest of them were just allowed to control.

Before putting then at study all of theirs brain were scanned to point out how neurons are breaking up the glucose inside their brain. This is because Glucose breakdown slows down by neurons with the people suffering from Alzheimer.

After 6 months when they were scanned again, it was found that the people who were sent for the aerobic exercise training for 6 months, their brain showed a higher metabolism of glucose. It means that the neurons were breaking up the glucose at a fast speed whereas the people who were just use as control, their glucose metabolism remained same.

In his previous study, he pointed out some of the basic changes that happens in a brains as people age increases. Some of the symptoms he found out was brain cells process slowing down, shrinking of hippocampus, amyloid building up and cognitive function slowing down.

Some of the findings of the study

• Exercising just for 150 minutes a week reduced the impact of Alzheimer on brain.
• If a person is already having Alzheimer, then exercise can stop it from getting worse.
• Regular exercise negated the effect of the deleterious gene ApoE4.
• Higher aerobic exercise leads to lower of hyper intensities in people.

Wrapping it up

This study may look like a small one but it is proved that how important exercise is for us. Just by making a daily habit of exercising, we can get rid of many diseases even those which has no cure.

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