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  • Electric Bike vs Mechanical Bike

    The automobile, the computer, and most recently, the smartphone are examples of technologies, that have revolutionized the world and the way of our existence in it. There is, however, another technology that is spreading around us and has the potential to affect our functioning in day to day life- ‘THE ELECTRIC BICYCLE’. E-Bikes or electric bikes are going to be the next big thing in the coming years.

    In fact, the technology is so popular that in Asia, the world’s largest e-bike market, there are two hundred million of them in use. They account for over a quarter of all the bicycles in the country. The population of e-bike consumers is smaller or now, but more and more people are gaining awareness about it, and demands are increasing.

    Electric Bike

    Electric vehicles have been in existence for over a hundred years with the first patents for something resembling the modern electric bicycles dated back to the late 1890s.

    The early models of e-bikes were not as efficient as compared to the modern e-bikes. Their designs consisted of heavy, short-lived and expensive batteries like the lead-acid technology. This made them unreliable and impractical.

    But for the past few decades, this technology has been gradually maturing in its basic framework and has finally come into mainstream with a boom. An electric bike is an enhanced version of a mechanical bike, with the addition of an electrically driven system. This electrically driven system comprises of four basic parts:


    It provides power to the crank (instead of directly powering the wheels) and maximizes the performance of our e-bike to an outsized extent. It conjointly encompasses a higher torsion and is often positioned in such the way that its weight gets distributed throughout the e-bike, basically, it’s a gift at the middle of gravity.


    It powers the motor Associate in Nursing is one in all the main element poignant the value of an e-bike. a standard e-bike battery is potable and is simple to hold around for charging. A battery with a capability of thirty-five to 40V will drive Associate in Nursing e-bike for 35 to forty-five miles (on Associate in Nursing average) betting on factors like driver’s weight etc.

    Drive train:

    A drive train integrates the facility is within the rear wheel. It delivers power to the driving wheels and converts speed and torsion via gears.


    This is often the mechanism that enables you to regulate the motor. As an example, our bikes use a half twist throttle integrated into the bar. Twist it together with your hand, and you’ll expertise the motor kick in. An electric bike is eco-friendly technology and doesn’t contribute to the cause of air pollution. Every technology has its own pros and cons. Similarly, the e-bike technology also has some of its own advantages and disadvantages.


    Health benefits: E-bikes have a opt of health benefits and one of them is less commuting stress. The e-bike removes all barriers. It is a personal transport that can get you anywhere you want. It makes your ride flexible and independent. Now you can go to a much-extended range with 5 times less manpower. You can even conquer steep slopes without breaking a drop of sweat. You can enjoy outdoors, which helps to improve your memory, lower blood pressure and boosts your immunity too.

    For most of the people, the difference between an e-bike and a mechanical bike is riding or not riding.

    E-bikes are easy, convenient and accessible, therefore people who are not that fit become more inclined to ride and exercise.

    E-bikes have also solved the problem of irregular terrains in your journey. Whether it be a steep slope or uneven roads that come your way, you can simply turn on the motor controlled pedal assist. Therefore, people nowadays, favour e-bikes over mechanical bikes.

    Speed: E-bikes have an upper hand when it comes to speed as compared to mechanical bikes. They have a battery-driven motor engine, that boosts the speed of the bike. So, whenever you feel like distance to be covered is too long and you don’t have that much time, just stop pedalling and pull the accelerator


    Cost: The only disadvantage of an e-bike is that it is more expensive than a normal mechanical bike. The cost of the battery and the engine in an e-bike is the major contributors in its high price in the market. That’s why e-bikes are not that popular, but still, there has been a notable expansion in its demand in the last few decades. The major e-bike industries are still working on a more efficient model, and to reduce the prices to some extent.

    Therefore, should we prefer an E-Bike over a Regular Bike or not?

    Riding any bike at all gives you a lot like Freedom, stress-reduction, better health, more enjoyment. It also has other benefits, such as reduced traffic jams on roads and highways and a pollution-free environment.

    The main difference is the fact that e-bikes make it possible for more people to ride and ride farther. E-Bike is a great investment if you can avoid some of the minor cons and have such budget.

    In my opinion, you should go & Get the best E-Bike for a better cycling experience and become more active outdoors. Electric bikes will never completely replace the regular bicycles but by eliminating the factors that stop so many people from ridings, such as their health, uneven terrains or distance, more people will ride.…

  • How Exercise Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s by Changing Your Brain

    Today, you can find a lot of researches or study that are being made on the benefits of exercises to body as well as mind. It is even clear now by so many researches that a regular exercise habit can help mitigate the risk of many chronicle diseases that happens after a certain age. But the thing that is not clear till today is how exercise declines the risk of diseases related to mind like Alzheimer.

    Findings By Ozioma Okonkwo

    Ozioma Okonkwo, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, along with his colleagues made research for more than 10 years on a group of people who were in the higher risk of getting Alzheimer at a later stage. They studied on what biological changes that comes in a person’s body with exercise and how it benefits mind.


    His findings showed that if a person’s body is aerobically fit then the person’s mind mitigates one of the greatest cause of Alzheimer. The breaking down of glucose by neurons doesn’t slow down. This result was presented by Okonkwo at the American Psychological Association.

    Okonkwo worked on 1500 people who already had genes which put them into higher risk of getting Alzheimer. He also took those people into consideration whose any one of the family member had been diagnosed with the Alzheimer disease. From the 1500 people, he took out 23 people who were not physically very active. Eleven of them had to go through an aerobic fitness program for 6 months whereas the rest of them were just allowed to control.

    Before putting then at study all of theirs brain were scanned to point out how neurons are breaking up the glucose inside their brain. This is because Glucose breakdown slows down by neurons with the people suffering from Alzheimer.

    After 6 months when they were scanned again, it was found that the people who were sent for the aerobic exercise training for 6 months, their brain showed a higher metabolism of glucose. It means that the neurons were breaking up the glucose at a fast speed whereas the people who were just use as control, their glucose metabolism remained same.

    In his previous study, he pointed out some of the basic changes that happens in a brains as people age increases. Some of the symptoms he found out was brain cells process slowing down, shrinking of hippocampus, amyloid building up and cognitive function slowing down.

    Some of the findings of the study

    • Exercising just for 150 minutes a week reduced the impact of Alzheimer on brain.
    • If a person is already having Alzheimer, then exercise can stop it from getting worse.
    • Regular exercise negated the effect of the deleterious gene ApoE4.
    • Higher aerobic exercise leads to lower of hyper intensities in people.

    Wrapping it up

    This study may look like a small one but it is proved that how important exercise is for us. Just by making a daily habit of exercising, we can get rid of many diseases even those which has no cure.…

  • Ways to Get Fit Without Fancy Equipment!

    There are many of times when people say that they want to get fit but can’t afford a membership plan. But going to Gym of joining any fitness club are not the only places to get fit, there are many other indoor and outdoor activities.

    Ways to Get Fit Without Fancy Equipment

    You must know that losing weight or being fit does not require any new and modern equipment. However, there are many activities which can make you fit. Stick to the below plans which can help you out for being fit without Gym.


    Outdoor activities can be a lot more fun. Everyone of us requires fresh air and natural environment. Taking up challenges in these places can be lot more fun than just being in a Gym and exercising. The natural and fresh air, the greenery that you get in a boot camp is very healthy for body. But always remember to go for a bootcamp with group of friends. It can be a great fun to work out when you are with your friends. You even feel motivated.

    It is not a more considered which exercise you do with your friends but always do a 5 minutes of warm up before going for a push up or plank. The warm up session include walking or a medium pace running.

    Workout DVD’s

    To stop work out or not to do it, we make a lot of excuses like the unavailability of trainer, Gym machine and equipment etc. But these are just false excuses that should not be considered if you really want to do some exercise. You just have to grab some good workout DVD’s and take the reference from there. However, nowadays, you can also just switch to some YouTube workout channels and do aerobics, dancing, plank and many more.

    I will suggest you to go with those exercises which do not require any equipment.

    Circuit train

    It is one of the best exercise to get your strength and cardio. This can be even done at home without any problem.

    Start with some cardio moves like rope jumping, mountain climbing, high knees etc and then do some moves for strength too. The strength moves can be push ups, lunges and crunches. These can be easily done at home.

    Do 5 sets of each and keep on increasing your momentum with every passing day.


    Hiking has lot of importance and if you live in such an area where you can do hiking then you must go for it regularly. It is a great way to burn your calorie and enjoy beautiful surrounding. So, take a friend or your beloved with you, pack food and water and go for a hiking.

    I would have to guarantee it then I would definitely tell you to go for it as the beautiful scenery and weather will make you feel a lot better than just working out on a treadmill. You would fall in love with hiking. The one thing that you have to do is to start it.…

  • Why Being Fit Helps You Manage Chronic Diseases?

    According to most of the health experts, doing exercise every day is one of the best reasons for having a healthy and happy life. It also helps in increased longevity. It not only lower the risk but also helpful in those conditions if you are already experiencing some symptoms of the chronic diseases.

    Chronic Diseases

    According to the research done in America, 10 out of 7 adults lost their life due to chronic diseases in the past decade. The research also suggested that most of the adults in America are suffering from one or the other chronic diseases from the last decade.

    If you have any of the things like high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol then it’s clear that you are having symptoms of chronic diseases. The best and the most successful way to cope with these issues is to do exercise regularly. There are a lot of things which can be minimised by just a regular exercise and joining fitness programs.

    Suppose you are doing some aerobic exercise regularly then there is least chance that you would ever have a high blood pressure. But if you already have any of these problems like high cholesterol levels then you can do some light exercise which will stop the problem from getting worse or stop it from becoming serious ones.

    There are several training programs that you can enrol to. If you enrol for strength training, then it will reduce the risk of getting arthritis or joint problems as you age. This exercise builds strength and gives you healthy joints. Not only this but this can also help in reduction of glucose levels with you are having diabetes. Even if you have any joint problem then some simple flexible exercises will reduce your joints pain.

    Why physical exercise is like a wonder drug?

    According to Shawn Flanagan, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of sports medicine and nutrition, exercise has a lot of benefits as good sleep, improves mental strength, develops bone strength, muscle and other connective tissues. Moreover, it also gives you a stronger immune system so that your body remains untouched from many diseases.

    Flanagan also said that a regular exercise habit can make your body so strong that even your wounds heal faster.

    The best thing the exercise helps you with is the functionality of brain as everything depends upon its function only. During exercise several hormones gets released in the body that makes your neurons function better and improves the blood flow to the brain. Once the blood barrier tissues get out from your brain, it starts getting pure blood with helpful cells and molecules.

    Some of the brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease happens only because of reduced amount of pure blood flow to the brain.

    One of the most important reason of getting any chronic disease is obesity which has become common in US people nowadays. Regular exercise helps in reduction of chances of obesity and its ill effects.…